Moon-Randolph Homestead

1515 Spurlock Road
Missoula, MT 59802


Tucked behind the City's North Hills, the Moon-Randolph Homestead is Missoula's public homestead. Visitors to the Homestead can experience the remnants of a century's worth of small scale, subsistence agriculture in Western Montana. Witness the 125-year old apple orchard, a rehabilitated 1890s claim shack, worn farm implements left to rust under a locust tree, and abandoned jars and bottles left in the Randolph family root cellar.

Today, the Homestead is managed by both City Parks and Recreation and the North Missoula Community Development Corporation, as well as caretakers who live on site year-round. More than a century since this small farm was proved up, chickens continue to lay eggs in original nesting boxes in the old chicken coop, pigs range on the open pastures, century-old trees drop small, rare varieties of apples from their tangled crowns. Resident artists at the Homestead will have the opportunity to explore, in-depth, a rare piece of Montana history. 


The resident artist at the Moon-Randolph Homestead will be given one of the buildings on site as their place of contemplation, refuge and production. The building is the historic and recently reconstructed winch shed, an old mining shed meant to house large mining equipment and keep miners out of the elements while they worked. The structure tells the story of small scale, subsistence coal mining, as well as material reuse--the structure was originally built of found, reused materials including old billboards, 55-gallon drums, piano crates, and pressed tin ceiling tiles. The winch shed has electricity, dirt floors and can open up wide to give generous access to fresh air and sunshine.

Additionally, the artist will have:

  • Access to the beautiful grounds, historic buildings, archive library, and artifacts.

  • Close proximity restroom

  • Contact with the resident caretakers who have a wealth of knowledge and insight about the site and history of the place

  • The Summer AIR will have an additional studio in the Brunswick building, a historic building on the edge of Missoula’s downtown area that boast of many artist studios

Community Engagement

The artist will have the opportunity to teach one or more art classes on site with visiting youth groups.

Moon-Randolph has residency opportunities for Spring and Summer.

The Brunswick Building Gallery: A studio site for the Summer Moon-Randolph Artist-in-Resident.

The Brunswick Building Gallery: A studio site for the Summer Moon-Randolph Artist-in-Resident.