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Four Stunning Opportunities

The mostly 6-week Summer Artist-in-Residence opportunities are open to all creatives nationally and internationally. Artists will have the opportunity to explore deeply unique sites with rich history and resources in Western Montana. From rich site-based historical archives, to the open water of the largest fresh water lake West of the Mississippi to a cornucopia of reused and recycled materials to back-to-the-land opportunities, these residencies are prime opportunities to stimulate the practice of all creatives. Learn more about individual opportunities below.



June 23rd-August 4th
Established in 1877, the Fort preserves the rich and complex history of the area, to include the Indian Wars, the African-American 25th Infantry Bicycle Corps and the World War II Italian and Japanese internment camp.


Moon-Randolph Historic homestead

June 23rd-August 4th
More than a century since this small farm was proved up, chickens continue to lay eggs in original nesting boxes in the old chicken coop, pigs range on the open pastures, century-old trees drop small, rare varieties of apples from their tangled crowns…


Home resourcE

June 23rd-August 4th
Home ReSource collects and sells reusable building materials, channel materials to those in need, educate the community with the knowledge & skills necessary to reduce waste, and provide leadership & expertise to move Missoula toward its Zero Waste goal. A builders dream spot.

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Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness

July 8th-July 22nd
This unique backcountry wilderness experience is available to artists capable of hiking 15 miles and interested in a rugged a remote experience. Couples encouraged to apply.